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Offering more than just a CD...

The music scene, the media and the entertainement world are evolving rapidly and are moving away from physical products to virtual solutions. More and more, everything is happening on the Internet!

In order to respond to these changing dynamics, RSB iMEDIA offers a complete web tool kit to effectively and more easily reach radio stations, the media and your target markets who are active on the web. All while minimizing costs.



Your single is rapidly available to more than 150 radio stations.

Transmit your single digitally and simultaneously to more than 150 radio stations across Canada. CD’s that are stacked, stockpiled and easily lost are a thing of the past. Fast, efficient and environmentally friendly!


Entire press kit in one click.

Digitally send a complete and interactive press kit to the whole media community!

Interactive booklets, press clippings, press releases, press photos, audio, videos, biographies and much more! You can send it all quickly and efficiently in one click!

Le Crieur

Stay in touch with you fans by sending the latest news.

Distribution and statistical analysis of mass e-mail campaigns. Keep in touch and inform your fans quickly about upcoming shows, your new record launches and your latest news.

Reach your public

Poste d'ecoute

An Internet space dedicated to promoting and listening to music distributed in retail outlets. Our virtual catalog now contains nearly 3,000 albums from Quebec artists, all available in stores. Our newsletter reaches over 15,000 music fans. Since its launch in October 2004, Poste d’écoute has enjoyed more than 5 millions plays! Poste d’écoute is currently developing its own online boutique that will allow consumers to order the physical album by mail or be directed to an affiliated website to purchase and download the digital format.

Espace emergence

Promote and sell your music thanks to an excellent showcase which creates visibility among the industry. The ultimate goal for Espace Emergence is helping independent artists sign contracts with record labels, by generating greater awareness for their musical talents.