Compilation Vol II / May 22nd, 2012
RSB iMEDIA, les FrancoFolies de Montréal et le Groupe Archambault présentent la Compilation Espace-é Vol II
Montréal, le 22 mai 2012- À l'occasion de la 24e édition des FrancoFolies de Montréal, RSB iMEDIA est fier de présenter le deuxième volume de sa compilation Espace-é Il regroupera douze des meilleurs artistes et groupes indépendants de la programmation 2012, concoctée par l'équipe de programmation des FrancoFolies.
La mission des FrancoFolies étant de promouvoir la chanson d'expression française, de favoriser sa diffusion et de stimuler la circulation des artistes de toute la francophonie, et celle du site Espace Émergence, de proposer les découvertes de la scène émergente québécoise, en hébergeant ces artistes indépendants et en leur offrant une plateforme de vente. Une collaboration semblait donc tout à fait naturelle.
Rappelons que la compilation Espace-émergence Vol 1 a vu le jour en février 2010, s'est méritée d'excellentes critiques des médias et a contribué à faire connaître de nouveaux talents, jusque là encore indépendants, tels qu'Alex Nevsky, L'indice, Otarie et Michèle O.
Cette année, RSB iMEDIA a souhaité s'associer aux FrancoFolies en offrant le deuxième volume de cette compilation comme vitrine aux artistes émergents qui participeront à l'événement. La compilation Espace-é Vol II comportera 2 chansons de douze artistes et ces vingt-quatre chansons seront offertes en téléchargement gratuit dans le cadre des FrancoFolies. Des cartes de téléchargement seront remises à la tente Archambault pour tout achat d'un produit musical régulier, ainsi qu'à la billeterie du Métropolis et de l'Astral pour tout achat de billets pour le festival. La compilation sera téléchargeable depuis le site des FrancoFolies, ainsi que de celui d', où il sera possible d'obtenir toute l'information concernant les artistes participants, incluant les détails de leurs prestations aux FrancoFolies.
« Ça faisait longtemps qu'on désirait s'impliquer dans un projet comme celui-ci et, grâce à RSB iMEDIA, nous sommes heureux d'en faire partie et nous espérons qu'il s'agit du début d'une longue collaboration. »
— Laurent Saulnier, vice-président Programmation et Production des FrancoFolies de Montréal
Veuillez noter que l'éclectique et impayable artiste multi-disciplinaire domlebo agira à titre de porte-parole du projet et sera disponible pour entrevues!


MONTREAL, April 17, 2012 -- RSB iMEDIA, the partner of choice for the entertainment industry in Quebec, is announcing that it has acquired Magra Multi Media, a Montreal-based manufacturer’s agent established in 1981 that specializes in the duplication, assembly and packaging of CDs and DVDs.

This transaction, which took effect recently, reflects RSB iMEDIA’s desire to expand its client pool and strengthen its position as a leader in the field.

“We are pleased to be continuing with our strategic expansion by carrying on the legacy of Magra Multi Media into a new chapter and integrating its clientele with ours,” said RSB iMEDIA’s President and Founder, Richard Bélanger, who was recently in Cannes for MIPTV, the international television and audiovisual content market. “Our team will work hard to make sure that the transition is a smooth one for our new clients,” he added.

“We are passing on a high quality of clientele to RSB iMEDIA. We know our clients are in good hands, since RSB iMEDIA is more capable than ever of providing the most complete range of media solutions and professional products on the market, on the best terms,” said Tom Labelle, President of Magra Multi Media.

RSB iMEDIA intends to ensure that commitments made previously are honoured.

For more information about RSB iMEDIA, visit


RSB iMEDIA is the partner of choice in the entertainment industry. The company, which made its mark as RSB Disc for 30 years, offers an integrated range of media services, including CD, DVD and Blu ray production (mastering, duplication in large and small quantities, print production, packaging, storage and delivery), related services (design of printed products, websites and promotional items, sending and analysis of mass e mails, etc.) and virtual solutions (promotion and sale of albums to consumers [Poste d’écoute], visibility and sales program for emerging artists [Espace émergence] and distribution to specialized press [RSB Promotion]).

Headed by President and Founder Richard Bélanger, this leading company has an 80% share of the Quebec disc market. Established in Ville Saint-Laurent, RSB iMEDIA now has 85 employees and its own CD and DVD production facilities.

RSB iMEDIA launch / November 2nd, 2011

Montreal, November 2, 2011 – One of the key figures in the Québec entertainment industry, Richard Bélanger, founder and president of RSB Disc for the last 30 years, is taking his company to the next level under a new banner: RSB iMEDIA. RSB unveiled its new branding today, including a fresh name, logo and website, developed to better reflect the innovative services it offers. 


With a newly acquired independence, the company, which controls 80 per cent of the Québec music industry, will continue to be a leading partner in the entertainment industry, offering an integrated line of media services. In addition to manufacturing CDs, DVDs and Blu-rays, RSB iMEDIA provides a vast array of first-rate related services and turnkey virtual solutions to its clientele. 


For this new adventure, Richard Bélanger has partnered with Daniel Foisy, a skilled executive who possesses solid experience in the field of finances. As senior vice-president and chief operating officer, Mr. Foisy will be in charge of the operational and financial aspects of the company, while Mr. Bélanger will dedicate himself to client-driven activities, business development and strategic direction.


RSB iMEDIA has its own CD and DVD production facilities here in Montreal that can manufacture close to 20 million units per year, as well as Blu-ray and vinyl manufacturing services thanks to an affiliated partner. The company, which plans to further expand its activities, possesses the necessary freedom to better serve its clientele, thanks to its capacity to generate adapted solutions. RSB iMEDIA sees to the needs of small and large companies in the entertainment industry as well as those of independent artists, by proposing innovative virtual solutions including “Poste d’écoute”, which earned the 2010 SOCAN “Patron of Music” award.


Although we are in an age where digital downloads and online streaming are more and more common, Mr. Bélanger, who has always remained at the top of an industry in perpetual movement, believes that CDs are not going to disappear in the near future. “We are always preparing for the future by evolving with the digital world, and we will continue to be at the forefront of future trends,” said the president and founder of RSB iMEDIA.


Throughout his career, Mr. Bélanger has gone from vinyl to cassettes to digital culture via 8-track tapes, Beta, VHS and now CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray.