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CD Mastering / DVD and Blu-ray Authoring


Mastering is conducted in our studios which possess excellent acoustics. The entire process is handled by professional equipment specifically created for superior mastering. The equipment is leading edge technology to ensure the highest possible artistic quality. For optimal results, we believe that mastering should be conducted in a different studio than where the actual recording or mixing is completed. We bring our years of industry expertise and experience to ensure the final product will be distinctive in the music industry. Why?

We believe all recordings require good mastering. Mixing is not the end of the process. Mastering is what transforms the musical experience. This makes your album a work of art. The songs become a homogeneous creative product and your recording is transported to a higher level of distinctive sound.

  • CD Mastering
  • Mastering « radio single »
  • eMastering (for web broadcasting)
  • Remastering a recording, an archive or a complete catalog
  • Audio Restoration: Montage / Editing / Dithering / Downsampling – Upsampling
  • Restoration / Archiving / Transfer / DAT / CD / VINYL and more
  • Transfer and scanning in high resolution
  • Confirmation of master formats / Redbook Master / DDP Master
  • Master transfers online via DDP


Using the latest technology from Sonic Solutions, the industry de-facto standard, your production will come through with incredible clarity and detail. Similarly, authoring is handled by Sonic's industry leading software, offering reliable and specification compliant discs. Whether it be a Blu-ray disc or DVD, the grasp and knowledge of these software systems ensure your project is right the first time.

  • Creation of menu design for DVD and/or Blu-ray
  • Latest technology graphic design (Hollywood style)
  • BJ and BJ-live programming
  • Transfers: Betacam SP, Digibeta, HD CAM, HD CAM SR, DVCAM, HDV to DVD and Blu-Ray