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Espace emergence

Espace Emergence

Espace emergence


Promote your music to the industry via this excellent promotional showcase.

The ultimate goal for Espace Emergence is to help independent artists sign contracts with record labels by increasing their awareness.

- Non-Exclusive Agreement

The ultimate goal of Espace Emergence is to help artists create visibility in order to attract record labels. By offering a non-exclusive agreement, Espace Emergence allows the artist to take advantage of all opportunities.

- The artist controls the price point

The artist always determines the price point for the sale of their CDs.

- Vast digital distribution

By featuring their products on Espace Emergence, artists have visibility with a large number of on-line boutiques throughout the world. One contract, a multitude of resources, and the artist retains their distribution rights.

- Locally targeted music content

By showcasing both anglophone and francophone artists from Quebec, Espace Emergence allows consumers to easily discover new music talents.

- Serving the industry

Espace Emergence’s mission is to promote local artists. Whether it be Poste d’écoute or Espace Emergence, our services are geared toward increased visibility for Quebec artists.

- A platform in constant evolution

RSB iMEDIA maintains and constantly improves the Espace Emergence platform.


Gold Service


  • 1 Physical album
  • 45 Tours
Bronze Service


  • 1 Physical album