the leader in providing integrated entertainment media services.

The company is the most important manufacturer of CD’s and DVD’s in the province of Quebec.

Always ahead of its time, and for over 30 years, RSB iMEDIA has pursued a vision of providing solutions for artists; allowing them to demonstrate their art and passion and making their creations readily available and accessible to the media, the general public and fans. RSB iMEDIA has always exploited technology to satisfy its mission and today, RSB iMEDIA offers an integrated range of media services including CD, DVD and Blu-ray production capabilities, related services and virtual solutions.

To fully satisfy the needs of its demanding customers, RSB iMEDIA strives to respect two principles that constitute the foundation of its reputation: outstanding customer service and cutting edge technology. Both principles guarantee highly performing products of the highest quality. We do not use intermediaries for our products and services, all your business needs are handled directly by us. Regardless of whether your needs are for a few samples or a hundred thousand copies, we offer the best service delivery in the industry at competitive prices.

RSB iMEDIA is close to its clientele, both independents and international companies. This trusting relationship has allowed RSB iMEDIA to widen its horizons and diversify its client base and the company is now present across North America.

Competitive Advantages of RSB iMEDIA:

  • Well established in the industry for 30 years
  • Intimate knowledge of the industry and its world wide evolution
  • Market leadership in the Quebec industry
  • Vast experience with cutting edge tools, platforms and new media
  • Highly performing and competitive corporate culture
  • Dynamic and caring customer service committed to custom solutions